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About Us

Let us set the scene:

Us: New in town. Cheeky. Fresh. NSFW.

You: Fun. Fierce. Unapologetic. Obsessive. Voracious.

Maybe we bump into each other in the hallway at the fiercely competitive law office where we both work, sending papers flying and tempers soaring. Maybe our adorable dog gets loose at the park and we finally find him at your feet, eating happily out of your hand. Or maybe we meet at a crowded bar, each trying to hide from our own awful blind date that we never wanted to go on in the first place.

Whatever our origin story is, this is the beginning of something good.

audiOMG! is an imprint of the small-but-awesome audiobook publisher Novel Audio focusing on contemporary, suspense and paranormal romance.  Our mission (one we take very seriously!) is to embrace the fun and sexy side of romance audiobooks and feed the insatiable appetite of listeners who love them. We're serving up bold protagonists who will instantly win you over. Our swoon-worthy book boyfriends will set some seriously unfair standards for the men in your life. The heat-level of our books ranges from "aww" to "OMFG!" And we want to get our books into your hands through any means necessary, so you'll find our titles in libraries, unlimited listening programs, and everywhere that great audiobooks are sold.

modern romance audiobooks


Here's the highlight reel of what we've got cookin'.

Available Now

Falling For The Bad Boy
Three Blind Dates
Where Bad Girls Go To Fall

Hot In Here

Everyone has a different threshold when it comes to mature content, and we want you to know what you're getting into. All audiOMG! books deal with sexual content in one way or another, but even our most explicit titles aren't quite full-on erotica—the NSFW stuff will always come hand-in-hand with compelling plots and strong characters.

Wanna know what you can expect when you pick up an audiOMG title? Every title's detail page includes a Heat Meter rating so you know if it's more "awww" or "OMFG!". 

Lots of tension, will-they-won't-they, and fade-to-black moments. These books will make you blush, but they won't get you sent to the HR office.

When it comes to intimate moments, these stories won't leave much to the imagination. Plenty of hot scenes, but you'll have a chance to catch your breath in between.

Our hottest, most NSFW content offers lots of "the good stuff" (you know what we mean!) These books are our most explicit, meaning you'll know exactly who is putting what into where. (If you felt scandalized by this description, this heat level might not be for you.)

Heat Mete

Contact Us

Are you...

An experienced narrator with a liquid-gold voice and a home studio, looking to make cold hard cash reading sex scenes aloud? (What a time to be alive!)

An author/agent/publisher with paranormal, suspense or contemporary romance audio rights that need a good home?

A reviewer/blogger who wants to spread the gospel of audiOMG!?

A mysterious party with an intriguing proposal?

Great. It's about time you showed up!

Hit us up anytime at If you're an author, add a link to any public profiles. If you're a narrator, link us to a few samples. Reviewers/bloggers, you know what to do. 

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