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Written by Tijan - Read by Mackenzie Cartwright

Book 2 in the Immortal Prophecy series

Being empathic is the least of Davy's problems. She wants to go to college and live a normal life until someone gives her something she doesn't want. Now, she has to deal with the supernatural and a prophecy that no one knows about.



"If you’re wanting a paranormal romance that has an amazingly strong female lead, I highly suggest Davy Harwood by Tijan!"

- Reading Past My Bedtime

"It was an exciting book to read because Roan was so dangerous and smart that Davy and myself were just so entranced by him."

- Keep Calm and Love Books

The story is imaginative, captivating, has just the right pace and amount of sexiness and intrigue. And that's why I'm heading for book two right away!"

- Beware Of The Reader

"Fantasy, romance, action and heartbreak, what more do you want from a story?"

- All About My Books Blog

"Really enjoyed this first installment in the immortal prophesy. Can't wait to get stuck into the next book!"

- Beckie Bookworm

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