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Written by Tijan - Read by Mackenzie Cartwright

Book 2 in the Immortal Prophecy series

The vampire nations sent their armies for her. They feared and sought to destroy her. The werewolves sent their own in the hopes to take her magic. One stood against them all to protect her. And in the midst of everything, as she watched her human life crumble to her feet, Davy grew as the Immortal every day. Her powers transitioned until she would save them all in the end. She only hoped she wouldn’t lose her humanity at the cost of fulfilling the Immortal Prophecy.



"After a very strong first book, Davy Harwood in Transition was everything I hoped for and even more, so much more!"

- Nini's Book World

"I am nervous to see what happens in the last book because with how this book ended (cliff-hanger alert!) I am on pins and needles to find out how everything plays out for Davy! I highly suggest picking this series up if you’re in a reading funk and need something different. Davy is an amazing character and her story is unique!"

- Reading Past My Bedtime

"I loved this!! After reading the first book I was left with a lot of questions about some of the things going on but this second book cleared a lot up."

- Miss MocaHontas Book Blog

"The cliffhanger is huge and I had to pick up the next book. I loved it. Tijan really has a knack for writing Paranormal."

- Lisa's Book Reviews

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