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Written by Tijan - Read by Suzanne Elise Freeman

He told me to go away.

I did. I followed his instructions. I left with the new family. They were from the right side of the tracks and I tried to become one of them. I really did, but I failed. When someone died, someone that I loved, I couldn’t keep pretending everything was fine. It wasn’t. This privileged world he gave me wasn’t privileged. There were problems. He just never told me that he created them, that he had sent me into a world he set up for me.

It was all a lie, but it was lie that I was going to expose.


Or I would die trying.



"A Whole New Crowd was exactly what I expected from a Tijan book.  It was mysterious, dangerous, romantic, and had one amazing leading lady."

- Love Between the Sheets

"To all those Tijan lovers, this is another one of her fantastic reads that you just can’t stop until you hit the very last page. And to those who have not yet discovered her, GO!"

- Booked for Life

"One of the things I love about a Tijan book is that there is always something bigger than the romance going on. A story usually full of mystery and intrigue, twists and turns. A Whole New Crowd was no exception."

- Once Upon a Book Blog

"ADDICTIVE! There is not a moment in this book when you won’t be questioning what is going to happen next. So much drama and angst. Plus in true Tijan style we get a kick a** girl, but we also get several leading men who you can’t help but love."

- Swoon Worthy Books

"This book is a wonderfully addictive read; once it was over it still left me wanting more…"

- Penny For My Thoughts Book Blog

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