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You know that feeling when you finally check your voicemail to clear that super annoying icon and between the three scam robo-callers and a survey from your bank, you get the coolest, sweetest message from your friend that's exactly what you needed at that moment?

To celebrate our first Audiobook Month and thank audiOMG! listeners for being amazing, we've asked four of our (many!) go-to narrators to record personal messages that you can save and bust out in those moments when you need a little support, a cheerleader, or... well, you'll see ;) And as a bonus, they're answering some never-before-asked questions to help us all bond. Check back every Friday in June for some serious audio goodness. (P.S. Every message is only available for one week, so you're gonna want to prioritize!)

When you've got something

to celebrate...

with CJ Bloom


Burgers or tacos?

Tacos, but then again Burgers can be delish. Ima say both, please. 

Music or podcasts?

BOTH. I am literally obsessed with both. All day. Everyday.

Intelligence or humor?

Gah! Both...again. Is anyone seeing a trend here? I am a sucker for a smart humorist. 

Train or plane?

Neither. But sometimes I am forced to take both out of necessity. Sigh. 

iOS or Android?

 am iOS...but wish I could be Android. 

Fantasy or Sci-fi?

Ummmm...hello, BOTH! Aren't they two sides of the same coin?

C'mon. That's like asking Star Trek vs Star Wars. 

What’s your tropetonite?

Urban Fantasy by far...see previous answer to no. 6


Check out the titles we've worked on with CJ. 


Carly Robins/CJ Bloom is an actress and voice over artist in NYC for over ten years. She has narrated close to 400 audiobooks and she absolutely adores this medium.  Her voice can also be heard on video games, promos, commercials, animation and ESL. She has written and produced her own work for stage and screen. She loves to cook, bake and talk about food for days and take long walks with her adorable dog Riley.

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