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Welcome, Booklovers!

If you're here, you obviously enjoyed the preview we snuck into your bags at the RT Booklover's Convention. Good. Now, let's get to the main event.

We've teamed up with our friends at to get that free book into your hands ASAP so you don't have to wait a second longer to find out the whole story. Here's how to do it:


Grab the preview card from your RT Con swag bag and open it up to find your unique promo code. WARNING: try not to get too distracted by what you hear ;). 



Jump over to Enter in your name, email, and add that promo code. No credit card info

necessary—all the payment fields will

disappear once the promo code is added

and you've hit "Apply"! 


(Note: If you're one of the enlightened ones and already have an account, log into the website and head to the My Account page. You can enter the code in the Promo field there.)


Your book is locked and loaded and

ready to go. To listen, download the

free app from the Android or iOS store and login with your shiny new account info. Or, you can listen

right off the website.


The Foxe and the Hound

by R.S. Grey

Narrated by Luci Christian & Joe Arden 

Madeline is a bit of a mess in her professional life and has pretty much given up on love when a new veterinarian takes up residence in her small town. With his strong jaw, easy confidence, and form-fitting scrubs, it’s not long before every housewife around is dragging their pets in for weekly checkups with Dr. Adam Foxe. 
Even after she spoils her chance at a good first impression, Adam still offers her a proposition she can’t refuse: play his girlfriend at a family function and he’ll hire her as his real estate agent. Welcome to love in the 21st century.

Up In Smoke

by T.M. Frazier

Narrated by Lucy Rivers & Troy Duran

Frankie has been on her own most of her life. She is a smart, strong, defiantly brave hellion. She’s determined to make up for her father’s sins which throws her into a world of trouble. For every action there is a consequence. Hers just happens to be a beautiful, powerful, angry lone wolf named Smoke. He is out for one thing and it’s blood. He will do anything necessary in the name of revenge. But can he resist the lure of Frankie Heburn?

Moonlight Sins

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Narrated by CJ Bloom & Black Richard

Julia’s starting over with a new job—and a steamy, one-night encounter with a stranger, only to discover he’s Lucian de Vincent . . . her new employer. Despite her best efforts, she draws closer to the mysterious man as a menacing presence in her new place of employ threatens the de Vincents and an unknowing Julia.

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